An original work of avant-pop blending electronic and organic sound evoking natural and imaginary landscapes.

Rivers, wind, ice and mist interacting with the voices that inhabit the human soul. Powerful vocals weave the album together, expanding and contracting with loops, intricate harmonies and rich vocoders. With poetic lyrics in English, Catalan and Spanish, she brings a deeply personal perspective to the key issues of our time, social injustice, climate crisis and loss of vital landscapes. She surrounds her voice with complex textures and harmonies of natural sounds, analog electronics, extended instruments and prepared piano to create an experience that is both modern and earthy.


Fleeting Light (2020)

Fleeting Light imagines million year-old stars looking down to the Earth and watching the history of life on our planet as their Sunday afternoon entertainment. The stars witness a fade out of the biodiversity soundscape and the Earth rhythms riding on a new dangerous groove. Will only stars remain? 

Nàufrags (2020)

Rich in vocal textures and rhythm patterns from oral tradition, Nàufrags layers metaphors of shipwreck like situations: a castaways couple in a deserted island, the social distancing of the 2020 pandemic and the climate emergency disasters.  Vivid melodies are evocative of the recent memory of when things were thriving. 


Círculo Lunar is a ritual worship of nature and the feminine, the powers of creating life and motherhood. The electronic avant-pop number connects all past mothers with present and future mothers through a thread that unites them all to the landscape. It is a journey from the depths of a volcano’s heart to what awaits beyond the horizon. Stones, clouds, flowers and the moon are also Mothers and play a part in the female empowerment that springs from the collective unity.



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